Sunday, August 18, 2013

One Year


15 lbs 6 oz

Height: 28 1/2 Inches

Clothing Size: 6-9 months. It amazes me that these clothes actually fit him.

Diaper Size: Cloth diapers - 3 - 4 snaps undone in the middle, highest rise.

Feeding: Nurses 8ish times a day. Three of which are over night.

Sleep: This past month has been crazy. I believe we were away more then we were home. Despite it all he slept pretty good. Lots of sleeping in our bed while away, but overall really good. Takes two solid nap a day, usually about an hour ish.

Milestones: Crawling, pulling up on things and cruising. Kid is everywhere! Also perfected the straw cup.

Loves: Food, standing and playing with all things that aren't toys.

Dislikes: Not being given food, not being able to move, getting things taken away from him.

BLWing: Up to three meals a day. He's gotten really good with the pincher grasp so we're giving him much smaller pieces of things now. With that I feel like he's eating so much more now. He loves grapes, eggs, shrimp, chicken, hot dogs and well, pretty much everything we give him. He'll drink water and prune juice though a straw with no problem. 

New Adventures: July was crazy! We had two week-long vacations. We went to St. George Island with our friend's family, then to Virginia Beach with my side of the family. In Virginia Beach Cooper got to meet tons of family members including his Great-Grandma. With our trip to Virginia Beach Cooper also experienced his first very long road trip. We did the bulk of our travels at night and he did great.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

11 Months and on the Move


14 1/4 lbs

Height: TBA

Clothing Size: Just moved to 6-9 months. He started growing out of the length of the 3-6 month ones.

Diaper Size: Cloth diapers - 3 - 4 snaps undone in the middle.

Feeding: Nursing great. Probably 8-10 times a day with 2-3 feedings during the night. Nurses great before naps and sleeping. 

Sleep: Huge improvements! We've got him back to sleeping in his crib and going back down very easily after each MOTN feeding. Also, right at the end of the month we started with naps in his crib. He takes 1-2 naps a day. One around 9:30-10ish and another around 2ish. Usually 45-1 hour each. Getting more and more consistent each day. Such an improvement over last month. I don't know what to do with myself with all this time.

Milestones: Scooting! This kid can get around now. Better and better each day. He's also pulling up really good on this from as seated position.

Loves: The remote control, playing with the dog crate, flip flops and eating.

Dislikes: Waiting to be fed food, getting things taken away from him, usually things listed above that don't make good toys, and diaper changes.

BLWing: I'm really trying for two meals a day. He's been doing really well and has really loved everything we've given him. Favorites include hot dogs, broccoli, and shrimp.

New Adventures: First father's day, blueberry picking, plane ride to my cousin's wedding in Maryland. First wedding which included his wardrobe of a suit. Also has mastered the cheese ball smile (which I love!)

Thursday, June 6, 2013

10 Months - Double Digits


13 1/2 lbs

Height: TBA

Clothing Size: Still 3-6 months. Will probably be in them for a little while.

Diaper Size: Cloth diapers - 2 - 3 snaps undone in the middle.

Feeding: No longer supplementing!!!!! We're just straight nursing and it's amazing. I feel a weight lifted off my shoulders. We we went for his 9 month appointment his Dr. was happy with his weight gain and said we could be done. I've stopped OCD tracking how many times he nurses a day and am just feeding on demand. 

Sleep: Our sleep regression continues. At night he wakes up about every 2 hours and usually ends up in bed with us. We've broken our good sleeper. During the day he takes 2-3 naps still mostly in the sling.

Milestones: Things are really starting to pick up. He's mastered sitting, only falls over here and there. He's learned how to clap his hand and will sometimes do it on demand. He's also mastered spinning in a circle on his belly.

Loves: Rolling, clapping his hands, music, wooden blocks, the pool and beach sand.

Dislikes: Sleeping in his crib, being left alone, long car rides and the ocean.

BLWing: He's eating 1-2 solids a day. He has loved pretty much everything we've given him. There are too many foods to list that he's tried. At this point he's had most of the high allergy foods with no issues. We've tried the sippy cup with water with not much luck. We'll keep trying though.

New Adventures: First professional sporting end, THE PLAYERS. Trip to Disney where we stayed in a hotel for a few days. First trip to the beach and first swim in the pool, both his kiddy pool at home at the big pool at Disney. We celebrated my first Mother's Day and also his first Memorial Day. Also, Cooper took his first boat ride at Disney, then got to experience a day on a sail boat. The sail boat was a first for the whole family. It was very exciting.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

9 Months Old - My Little Wiggle Worm


13ish lbs - still gaining - which is great.

Height: TBA

Clothing Size: Still 3-6 months. Will probably be in them for a little while.

Diaper Size: Cloth diapers - 2 - 3 snaps undone in the middle.

Feeding: 8ish times a day. Supplementing 5-7 oz a day of pumped milk with some extra fat (coconut oil) in it. Eats twice a night.

Sleep: For the past two weeks we've had a bit of some sleep regression. He's waking a ton at night, pretty much every 2 hours, and then having a hard time going back down. As for days he's still taking 2-3 nap, usually on me.

Milestones: Just in the past week he has gotten then hang of sitting. Each day he can go longer and longer on his own. Also, he's learned how to blow raspberries and it's so funny. Also, he reaches for food and toys so good now.

Loves: Rolling - everywhere. I can't leave him on a blanket and expect to find him on in the same place. He's also starting to love his Jumperoo. Beyond that, his new favorite thing is FOOD! This kid loves his meal times. He gets annoyed if we don't give him food right away. 

Dislikes: Not sleeping on me and getting his jammies on. I think that's about it. He's pretty happy these days.

BLWing: He's tried so many things this past month, it's been amazing to watch. The first few days he gagged a few times, but since that, wow, he's really gotten the hang of it. There has not been a thing that we've given him that he hasn't liked. He's tried a ton of veggies, fruits, meats, eggs and bread. His favorites have been pancakes, meat, summer squash and eggs. It has been so amazing to watch him learn and catch on.

New Adventures: First plane ride and a whole week away from home. We went to Philly to visit my Dad and it was awesome. Cooper did great on the plane and slept on both plane rides. He also got his second cold while we were there. First time in a high chair out at a restaurant as well as first time in a shopping cart at the store. Visited Dad's co-workers at work for Bring your Child to Work Day. Also, we participated in our first March for Babies walk for the March of Dimes. He's also spouted a ton on hair this month. Looks like we'll have a little blond guy.

8 Months (A Month Late)


12.5 lbs - finally gaining!

Height: TBA

Clothing Size: Moved up to 3-6 months. Some sleeps are still a little long, and some onsies fit just right.

Diaper Size: Cloth diapers - 2 - 3 snaps undone in the middle.

Feeding: 8ish times a day. Supplementing 7-10 oz a day of pumped milk with some extra fat (coconut oil) in it. Eats twice a night.

Sleep: Still sleeping great - except we need to wake up 2 times a night. Some nights he wakes on his own, some not. 2-3 naps a day, generally on me. I've given up trying to get him to nap elsewhere. Too much work for such little sleep. He'll sleep and hour plus on me, so I'll take it.

Milestones: Ditched the swaddle (woohoo!!) and started eating solid foods - Baby Led Weaning style. First food was a green bean. He just kinda played with it. A few days later we gave him some banana and I think that's the first actually food he's swallowed. So far he's had green beans, pineapple, banana, pork chop, orange slices and applesauce. Also, he's learned how to scoot on his back. It's really funny to watch.

Loves: His thumb, naked time, baths, being worn in the ring sling, singing songs at My Gym and back scooting.

Dislikes: Not sleeping on me and getting his jammies on. I think that's about it. He's pretty happy these days.

New Adventures: Went on a road trip with me to Orlando to hang out with my Mom for a few days, a trip to Ikea, first St. Patricks Day and Easter and real food. Cooper also got his first cold this month, resulting in his first sick visit. Also, though, he got his last Synagis shot and officially survived his first RSV and Flu season. Also, first time playing at a playground and swinging in a swing.